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Training. For Life.

If you’re ready to achieve more than you ever thought possible, this is the program guaranteed to give you the EDGE.

Organizations & Teams

  • Peer Pressure Leadership ™

    Not all peer pressure is bad. In fact, when used appropriately, it can be a powerful tool for transformation. That’s why Envision EDGE offers the exclusive Peer Pressure Leadership™ program, built on the ideals of strong leadership, teamwork and accountability.

  • Services
    • The Team EDGE Program
    • Organizational Development
    • Business Process Improvement
    • Leadership Development
    • Crew & Client Resource Management (CCRM)
    • The Corporate EDGE
    • Project Management
    • Communication & Team-Building Improvement Activities
    • Executive Coaching
  • Our Values

    "A leader is anyone who changes their environment for the better" - Kelly Wight. We want to create strong leaders—leaders who can motivate themselves and others to reach a higher potential and become more than they imagined. Envision develops leadership by focusing on the following core values:

    • Integrity
    • Intention
    • Personal Accountability
  • Assessments & Tools

    Envision EDGE uses an array of structured programs to uncover areas for improvement and identify critical steps for success for your organization.

    • The Envision EDGE Team Assessment
    • 360 Performance Assessment
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
“Envision's holistic combination of personality assessment, goal setting, 360 feedback, mindset training and lifestyle modification presented as part of this program represent a comprehensive initiative for sustainable leadership development at our firm.”
Kirk Bobo, Managing Principal - Hnedak Bobo Group, Inc.

Individual Programs

  • Philosophy

    Genuine transformation comes from holistic change. That’s why Envision develops all of its programs to address mindset, habits and personal accountability—keys areas for maximizing your full potential. Each EDGE program is custom-tailored to your specific needs to help you accomplish goals and charge down the path to success.

  • Services
    • The Individual EDGE Program
    • Strategic Goal Setting
    • Career Consulting
    • The Online EDGE
    • Counseling
    • The Travelers EDGE
  • Assessments & Tools

    Envision EDGE uses an array of structured programs to uncover areas for improvement and identify critical steps for success in your personal life.

    • The Mindset EDGE Assessment
    • The Physical EDGE Assessment
    • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
“The EDGE challenges your approach in all aspects of your life and, more importantly, helps re-wire your perspective in order to achieve maximum results.”
Paul S. Bierman, M.D. - Medical Center Endoscopy Group

Training PLUS & Forever Fit

  • Physical, Lifestyle & Ultimate Strategy

    Training PLUS is the future of personal training—a comprehensive exercise program from Envision EDGE designed to maximize your physical, emotional and mental prowess. Deeply rooted in the research, strategies and science behind the development of successful exercise regimens, Training PLUS provides a roadmap for clients to exceed corporate benchmarks or achieve their individual goals. Prior to starting any Training PLUS program, Envision EDGE will complete an assessment and evaluation for each team member or individual to determine a starting point, goals and the necessary tools to achieve the highest potential.

  • Heart Rate Monitor Training

    Maximize your training and know what you’re trying to accomplish. Getting in a good workout doesn’t always mean working out to the point of exhaustion. Envision EDGE trainers require and incorporate heart rate monitor training with every corporate or individual client to ensure a smarter, a safer and a more efficient workout every time you train.

“Envision developed a program for our girls to teach accountability, introduce new health habits and challenge them to think from a different perspective. Many of these girls came from homes that were impoverished and often troubled. Many nonprofits aren't good at measuring results, but the Envision program developed three quantifiable measurements – improved grades, better nutritional choices and reduced stress levels. Envision assessed the girls before and after the 5 1/2 month program. All three measurements showed dramatic improvement, and our girls thrived under a little tough love and a lot of kindness. This wasn't just another program that went through the motions – the Envision EDGE program literally changed lives.”
Deborah Hester - President/CEO Girls,Inc., Memphis


  • Speaking Engagements

    What are your business, school or organization’s expectations? Are you achieving your goals? These are big questions and ones that can be difficult to answer. That’s why Envision EDGE offers keynote, small group and seminar services to engage attendees, address challenges, and instill higher expectations and motivation. If you’re looking for more—looking to reach your highest potential—contact Envision EDGE, and let us provide the encouragement and strategies to achieve more than you had imagined.

“Working with Kelly Wight and Envision has been an excellent experience! Envision’s dedication to project perfection is unbelievable. They are innovative with their ideas and masterful at seeking the individuality of each program. The leadership foundation that she has helped us develop has jump started and improved our team building skills as a staff and program. I would highly recommend Envision for anyone who is looking to enhance their workplace, their staff, their team or themselves.”
Carrie Yerty - Division I Head Volleyball Coach

Etiquette Edge

  • Certified Business Etiquette Instructor

    How would you rate your work environment? Friendly but unproductive? Bitter but highly talented? Finding the balance between hard-working employees and an encouraging workplace can be a barrier for many organizations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Envision EDGE offers the Etiquette EDGE to help individuals and organizations gain insight into the spoken and unspoken rules of the work environment. Headed by Penny Aviotti, a certified business etiquette instructor with more than three decades of corporate and non-profit experience, the Etiquette EDGE teaches in-depth leadership skills to improve aspects like courtesy, trust, reliability, cross-cultural concerns, business entertaining and more.

“If you want to help make a significant impact on the personal and professional lives of your clientele, then Edge training is a must! Edge blends accountability and client growth while encompassing whole-person development.”
Dr. Cogdal, PH.D.