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Training. For Life.

Our mission is to challenge individuals & organizations to become more than they ever envisioned.

Our Values

  • Purpose

    Envision EDGE is about more than simple goal setting. We want your organization to experience success to the fullest. We want to challenge individuals to seek their highest potential. For all clients, we provide empowerment, new experiences and catalysts for change you won’t find anywhere else. We illuminate a path for improvement and then provide the tools and clear objectives for you to succeed.

  • Accountability

    The greatest asset for your organization or personal life is personal accountability—the understanding that your choices carry consequences for yourself and others. A powerful tool and the core of our programs, Envision EDGE utilizes accountability to encourage better choices, hard work and discipline so you can achieve any goal you put your mind to.

  • Research-based Techniques

    Envision EDGE employs cognitive and neuroscience-based research to develop our programs. Our programs are built upon cutting-edge research to take full advantage of the brain’s impressive capabilities to repair and grow.

    • Leadership Skills
    • Communication
    • Stress Management
    • Productivity
    • Critical Thinking Skills
    • Lifestyle Modification
    • Performance
“Each of us is faced with large or small daily decisions that create the legacy we will leave behind. The Orpheum made a decision to retain Envision EDGE at a time of organizational change and my impending retirement. The EDGE program helped me personally and our staff professionally. We became more efficient, stronger at conflict resolution and closer as a team. Today, our professional environment has never been better and our staff has never been stronger. I’ am grateful to Envision EDGE and so proud of our great Orpheum team for embracing change.””
Pat Halloran President/CEO, Orpheum Theatre

Our Team

  • Kelly E. Wight

    After a nearly decade-long and highly decorated military career as an Aircraft Commander in the United States Air Force and sought-after consultant in Washington D.C., Kelly Wight founded Envision EDGE in 2006. Kelly developed a formula, and teamed with researchers and medical experts to deliver cutting edge approaches, ensuring the most current and credible research is incorporated in all of their programs. Leveraging her extensive understanding of discipline, leadership and accountability, she develops programs, seminars and objectives which have proven paramount in assisting Fortune 500 companies, NCAA Division 1 sports teams, organizations and individuals to maximize their potential.

  • Pamela Cogdal, Ph.D.

    Pamela Cogdal, Ph.D. brings over 20 years of experience as a coach, consultant, therapist and university professor to the Envision team. Pam is a licensed psychologist and holds certifications in working with the MBTI and the DiSC and is a certified crisis intervention facilitator. In addition, Dr. Cogdal serves as a consultant for community agencies and is a human resource trainer for a number of employee assistance programs. Pam has published and presented nationally in the areas of career and work-life balance, resilience, leadership, testing and couples/relationship issues.

  • Penny Aviotti

    Penny Aviotti is certified in business etiquette and international protocol by The Protocol School of Washington, corporate community relations by Boston College, and accredited in public relations by the Public Relations Society of America. She writes an advice column called "Ms. Corporate Manners" and has carried the Olympic torch. Armed with more than three decades of corporate and nonprofit experience, she brings in-depth knowledge and skill to the etiquette and protocol industry.

“Kelly and her team at Envision can show you a path to a more satisfying way to work and live. At worst, you’ll acquire new tools, learn some new techniques, or shed a few pounds and feel better. At best, she’ll change your life. She saved mine.”
Alex DeSeabra - Biotechnology Entrepreneur & Musician - Washington, DC